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Latest news

  1 million views

Ping on YouTube:

You passed the 1,000,000 views on your YouTube-cannel! Congratulations!

nov. 2019
picture 1 million views

  10.000 subscribers!

Message from Google:

Rozemarijn, you have 10,000 subscribers! Think about that: ten thousand people love your videos and support what you are doing. Celebrate this with all your fans!

jan. 2019
picture 10,000

  New video online!

New video with a Dutch lesson on YouTube!

This latest lesson is:  "Word order in Dutch (2/3)".

Watch it on this website, or watch it on YouTube.

Enjoy this new video!

november 2015
picture youtube video dutch lesson

  In  TOP 100   Best Language YouTube Channels 2014!!

My YouTube-channel "Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn" was nominated by Lexiophiles and BabLa for the Top 100 Language Lovers (categorie: best "Language YouTube Channels") 2014.

My website ended with the last 100 YouTube language channels (out of 1200)!! The top 25 was published on BabLa.

I'd like to thank everyone who voted for "Learn Dutch online with Rozemarijn" - and much thanks for all the support over the last two years!


mei/juni 2014
picture language babla dutch lessons

  Google+ account

"Learn Dutch Online with Rozemarijn" now has a Google+ account.

Add me to your circles or read the last posts on Google+ "Learn Dutch Online".   [This sevice of Google is canceled]

jan. 2014
picture Google+

  First video online!

My first video with a Dutch lesson is published on YouTube!

This first lesson is:  "About The Netherlands".

Watch it on this website, or watch it on YouTube.

Enjoy this Dutch lesson!

aug. 2012
dutch flag first dutch lesson

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