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  Words and sentences

  Animals in Dutch
Learn 20 animals in Dutch (also plural and diminutives). With the sounds they make and example sentences.

Body in Dutch      New!
The human body: head, face, upper body, arms, hands, legs, feet; organs, skeleton and veins.

Children and school (1/2)
Baby, toddler, preschooler.

Children and school (2/2)
School child, teenager.

Clothes in Dutch (1/2)      New!
Clothes in Dutch: clothing, shoes, night clothes; get dressed, wear and change clothes.

Clothes in Dutch (2/2)
Clothes in Dutch: clothes (winter, summer, bathing), fashion, accessories, bags, jewelry, fabrics and much more.
  Colours in Dutch
Pronunciation of all colours (with example sentences): red, green, blue, etc. The colours of the Dutch flag. And why is the national colour orange?

The days of the week
How to pronounce 'monday', 'tuesday' etc. in Dutch, telling what day it is, tomorrow, yesterday, next week.

Family in Dutch
Many Dutch words around family, relatives. With a clarifying family tree. Learn about de Dutch Royal Family. With pronunciation exercise.

Food and drinks (1/2)
Food and drinks; breakfast, lunch

House and garden in Dutch
Dutch words around house and garden. Hear the right pronunciation and read the right spelling (English subtitles). With pronunciation exercise.

Months and seasons in Dutch
Months and seasons

  Pronunciation and spelling

  The alphabet (abc)
The Dutch alphabet, the abc

The Dutch vowels
The Dutch vowels (a, e, au, ui, ..)

The letter 'ij'
The letter 'ij' ('ij' or 'ei' or 'ie'), origin, history, pronunciation

The letter 'c'
The letter 'c' (and 'ch' and 'sch'); verbs with 'ch'; 'ch' or 'g'
  Syllables in Dutch (1/2)
How to divide syllables, pronunciation rule (voicelessness), spelling rule (short and long vowels)

Syllables (2/2): open and closed
Short and long vowels in a closed or open syllable. Pronunciation and spelling rules.

Voicelessness word end
End-voicelessness, final-obstruent devoicing


  Nouns (1/3): 'de' and 'het'
Articles: 'the' or 'het'? Important rule: plural always gets 'the'; and diminutives always get 'het'. With words and exercise.

Nouns (2/3): plural
Plural is formed by '-en' or '-s'. Learn some exceptions. Exercise with often used words.

Nouns (3/3): diminutives
Diminutives: 4 ways to form a diminutives. Many common Dutch words, pronunciation exercise.
  Personal pronouns
Personal pronoun (nominative, accusative): I, you, he, etc.

Possessive pronouns
Possessive pronoun: mine, your, his, etc.

Word order (1/3): main sentence      New!
Word order in Dutch: the main sentence

Word order (2/3): questions      New!
Word order in Dutch, other types of main sentences: questions and imperative

Word order (3/3): the subordinate clause
Word order in Dutch: will follow


  Verbs (1/6): Weak verbs
weak verbs, regular verbs

        (1/6a): List weak verbs A-P
        150 weak verbs, conjugation

        (1/6b): List weak verbs P-Z
        150 weak verbs, conjugation

        (1/6c): Example sentences
        sentences with weak verbs

Verbs (2/6): Strong verbs
strong verbs

        (2/6a): List strong verbs A-M
        125 strong verbs, conjugation

        (2/6b): List strong verbs N-Z
        125 strong verbs, conjugation

        (2/6c): Example sentences
        sentences with strong verbs
  Verbs (3/6): Mixed verbs
mixed verbs (weak and strong mixed)

Verbs (4/6 a): Irregular verbs
'to have' and 'to be'

Verbs (4/6 b): Irregular verbs
'to can', 'to may', 'to want', 'to shall/will'

  Culture and history

  The provinces of the Netherlands
The word 'Nederland'; the 12 provinces, the big rivers.

  Various subjects

  To count in Dutch
Learn how to count in Dutch: counting from 1 to 100; from 100 to a million.

Telling the time
What time is it? Telling the time in Dutch. Exact hours, half hours and quarters of an hour.

All lessons alphabetical

english flag     All lessons alphabetical
Alle Nederlandse lessen alfabetisch     dutch flag

  A - C
alphabet (abc)
children and school  (1/2)
children and school  (2/2)
clothes (1/2)
clothes (2/2)

E - N
days of the week
diminutives  (nouns 3/3)
letter 'c'
letter 'ij'
months and seasons
nouns 'de'/'het'  (nouns 1/3)
  P - T
personal pronoun
plural  (nouns 2/3)
possessive pronoun
syllables: open and closed
telling the time

V - Z
verbs (1/6): weak
verbs (2/6): strong
verbs (3/6): mixed
verbs (4/6a): to have/to be
verbs (4/6b): irregular
vowels (a, ui)
word order (1/3): main sentence word order (2/3): questions
word order (3/3): the clause
  A - J
alfabet (abc)
bezittelijk voornaamwoord
dagen van de week

K - L
kinderen en school  (1/2)
kinderen en school  (2/2)
kleren (1/2)
kleren (2/2)
klinkers (a, ui)
letter 'c'
letter 'ij'
  L - V
lettergrepen: open en gesloten
maanden en seizoenen
meervoud  (z.nw. 2/3)
persoonlijk voornaamwoord
verkleinwoorden  (z.nw. 3/3)

W - Z
werkwoorden (1/6): zwak
werkwoorden (2/6): sterke
werkwoorden (3/6): gemengd
werkwoorden (4/6a): hebben/zijn
werkwoorden (4/6b): onregelm.
woordvolgorde (1/3): hoofdzin woordvolgorde (2/3): vraagzin
woordvolgorde (3/3): bijzin
zelfstandige naamwoorden  (1/3)

All lessons chronological

To follow the complete course "Dutch Online with Rozemarijn" chronological (from the first made lesson to the last), go to:


and chose: 'Recent uploads'. Start at the bottom of this page. The first lesson is: "About The Netherlands: the provinces, name, rivers".

The lessons will become slightly more difficult along the way.

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