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  About Rozemarijn

My name is Rozemarijn ('rosemary'). I studied Dutch Language and Literature at the University of Utrecht (The Netherlands).

I started to make this Dutch course for family-members who grew up in another country. All videos are spoken and written in Dutch, with simple English subtitles.

I hope you enjoy learning Dutch with these videos "Dutch Online With Rozemarijn" !
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  About this website

Learn Dutch Online with Rozemarijn


YouTube DutchOnline

The YouTube channel was created on 6 july 2012.
First video was online on 17 august 2012.
This website was created in february 2014.

Used program audio:  Audacity.
Used program video:  iMovie (Apple).
Made with a Macintosh.
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All lessons, text, translation, audio, videos and website
are created by Rozemarijn van Leeuwen.

Alle lessen, teksten, vertalingen, opnames, filmpjes en website
zijn gemaakt door Rozemarijn van Leeuwen.

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