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Dutch lesson

The Dutch vowels

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  english flag   The Dutch vowels

The Dutch vowels: short vowels (a, o, ..), long vowels (aa, uu, ..) and composed vowels (au, ui, ..). Also everything about the shwa or the "mute e".

Great exercise to pronounce all Dutch vowels. Improve your pronunciation and spelling of Dutch words.

Learn everything there is to know about the Dutch vowels in this video lesson.

Free Dutch course online. Enjoy this Dutch lesson!

  vlag nederlands   De Nederlandse klinkers

De Nederlandse klinkers: korte klinkers (a, o, ..), lange klinkers (aa, uu, ..) en samengestelde klinkers (au, ui, ..). Ook alles over de sjwa oftewel de "stomme e".

Uitgebreide oefening om de uitspraak van alle Nederlandse klinkers te oefenen. Verbeter je uitspraak en spelling van Nederlandse woorden.

Leer alles wat er te weten valt over de Nederlandse klinkers in deze video.

Gratis cursus Nederlands online. Veel plezier met deze Nederlandse les!

  Pictures in this movie

Some of the pictures used in this video. The theme is: cities and villages in The Netherlands!

sneek waterpoort met boten       den bosch sint jan        sittard

Friesland     -     Noord-Brabant     -     Limburg

Watch more movies to make a virtual long walk along beautiful places through all of the Netherlands!

  I want to learn more

Q: Why do you write one "raam" but two "ramen", while the /aa/-sound is the same?

A: Watch Closed and open syllables; short and long vowels

Q: When do you use the article 'de' and when 'het' before nouns?

A: Watch Nouns: articles 'de' and 'het'

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