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Dutch lesson

Word order in Dutch (3/3): the subordinate clause


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  english flag   Word order in Dutch (3/3): the subordinate clause




  nederlandse vlag   Woordvolgorde in het Nederlands (3/3): de bijzin




  Pictures in this movie

Some of the pictures used in this video. The theme is: beautiful nature and villages!

giethoorn       heide posbank        vlieland waddenzee

Overijssel     -     Veluwe, Gelderland     -     Vlieland, Friesland

Watch more movies to make a virtual long walk along beautiful places through all of the Netherlands!

  I want to learn more

Q: What are all the rules for normal main sentences?

A: Watch Word order (1/3): the main sentence.

Q: What are important rules to spell and pronounce words right?

A: Watch Syllables in Dutch (1/2).

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