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Dutch lesson

Family in Dutch

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  english flag   Family in Dutch

Learn Dutch words about family; all with a clarifying family tree.

Learn dozens of words like: father, mother, child, brother, sister, cousins, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, great-uncle, great-aunt, nephew, niece, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and more!!

And what about the Dutch royal family? What are their family relations?

All spoken and written in Dutch, with English subtitles. With pronunciation exercise.

Free online YouTube videos: lessons Dutch. Enjoy this Dutch lesson!

  dutch flag   Familie in het Nederlands

Leer Nederlandse woorden omtrent familie; met behulp van een duidelijke stamboom-structuur.

Leer tientallen woorden als: vader, moeder, kind, broer (broeder), zus (zuster), neef, nicht, opa, oma, oom, tante, oudoom, oudtante, kleinkinderen, achterkleinkinderen en veel meer!!

En hoe zit het met de Nederlandse koninklijke familie? Hoe zijn hun familieverhoudingen?

Geheel gesproken en geschreven in het Nederlands, met Engelse ondertiteling. Met oefening van de uitspraak.

Gratis online YouTube-filmpjes met Nederlandse les. Veel plezier met deze Nederlandse les!

  Pictures in this movie

Some of the family mentioned in this video. The theme is, of course: family - so learn also about the Dutch Royal Family!

familie juliana en bernard bernhard       familie beatrix en claus        familie willem-alexander en maxima

Juliana & Bernard     -     Beatrix & Claus     -     Willem-Alexander & Maxima

Most movies in this Dutch course show beautiful places through all of the Netherlands!

  I want to learn more

Q: I want to learn much more words around children, from baby to teenager!

A: Watch Children and school (1/2) .

Q: I want to learn more words around house and garden!

A: Watch House and garden in Dutch.

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